Financing Innovation

Public financing allows for a huge competitive advantage for entities involved, which goes beyond the financing of the project itself. It can allow for greater project scope or even contribute towards the shortening of production times. Furthermore, there are some aspects to consider.

Public financing can help facilitate collaborations between different entities, which increase the scope of the project and help establish and build lasting professional relationships.

Nonetheless, these relationships can also increase project awareness in various sectors, helping to position the entity as benchmarks in their sectors.

At FI Group, we not only have specialized teams focused on the international, national, and regional grants services, but also specialized profiles in the different phases and aspects of the process: innovation facilitators, engineers, economists, auditors, project managers, documentarians, administrative staff, communication, marketing, and intellectual property specialists, etc.

This allows FI Group to offer to public and private clients, a personal and comprehensive service. We are able to conceptualize ideas through a creative and innovative approach, knowledge of the R&D+I market, and strong established relationships with other bodies in the field. As well as being able to manage and monitor the grants cycle from start to finish.

Financing Innovation services

We offer comprehensive services to achieve the best financing strategy for your projects.

Our specialists analyse the financing potential of our client’s projects and the external opportunities in which they can participate. Before starting the coordination of the proposal, the project is analysed; the market; technical-economic requirements, funding conditions, program eligibility; the profiles of the consortium; Etc. Once all the information is collected and the best opportunities are identified for our customers, a plan of the different stages of preparation of the proposal is prepared.

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Taking into account the needs of our clients and the opportunities identified in the programs, trainings, workshops or through our network of contacts, FI Group develops a financing plan detailing the financing strategy of the entity. This may include different funding opportunities for the entity’s areas and activities, as well as a positioning strategy.

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A winning proposal requires not only technical excellence but also a strong consortium. Our presence in 13 countries, with an extensive portfolio of clients, facilitates the creation of specialized consortia according to the need of the program.

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At FI Group we monitor the execution of projects (individual or collaborative, international or national) to ensure compliance with the different milestones and deliverables of the project or, on the contrary, detect deviations that will activate the risk plan (modification of the scope of the project: technical, economic, duration, consortium, etc.).

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In parallel with the project management phase, we work on final or partial reports or justifications, which must be delivered to the funding agency, as set out in the program regulatory regulations or in the various guidelines and templates of the agency or FI Group.

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At FI Group we also take care of the tasks of dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project. These activities, considered mandatory in some programs, and, although in others they are not, are a vital component to ensure the profitability of the project implemented, facilitating the commercialization of its results.

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With the aim of improving and promoting the positioning of the entity, FI Group develops a positioning plan and accompanies our clients during its course.

The events, participation networks, associations, bodies, and institutions (regional, national and international), of interest according to each profile, will be determined and planning of activities associated with the positioning plan is developed.

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To carry out a project it is necessary to analyse the technical feasibility, but also the economy of the project. Market studies or business plans facilitate decision-making and are also an essential tool, both internally and externally, for the search for financing, whether public (through aid programs) or private (risk capital, investors, bank financing, etc.).

From an entrepreneur to a large company, these tools provide the information needed to define the roadmap as well as the needs of the project.

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At FI Group we carry out training and workshops related to the field of innovation. These have different formats and content adapted to the theme and need of each situation.

Training or conferences can focus on general or specific regulatory aspects of the programs, at the different stages of the project financing process or be created expressly according to the specific needs of our clients.

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Our added value

The range of financing possibilities offered by FI Group is very wide and covers different areas, including R & D + I, investments, environment, energy efficiency, contracts, new implementations, internationalization, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and competitiveness.

FI Group customers include both public (local authorities, universities, agencies, institutions, etc.) and private entities (large, medium, and small businesses, start-ups, technology centers), facilitating cooperation between our customers.

Finally, collaboration is a fundamental pillar of FI Group ethics. The international financing teams of the different countries where FI Group is present cooperate and work together to promote synergies for the benefit of our clients.



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